CCTV With Telephone System For Elevators


Fiber optics can definitely transfer more data at higher throughput over longer distances than copper wire. Traditional copper wires transmit electrical currents, while fibre optic technology sends pulses of light generated by a light emitting diode or laser along optical fibres. So in CCTV solutions fiber optic system is better than coaxial cable, because we get the high clarity signal.

In this fig shows the connection of CCTV and a telephone line in an elevator. The connection have two sections one is the elevator and other is the server room; for monitoring the result done in the elevator. We are using a pair of 2 Channel Forward Video+1 Channel Telephone Standalone Converter. The transmitter part of the converter is connect at the elevator section and connecting the telephone and CCTV to this converter using coaxial cable. The connection from transmitter to the receiver part of converter at the server room is done by using fiber optic cable. Using coaxial cable the receiver is connect to the system and EPABX at the server room.