1X2 Medium Duty (MD) Fused Coupler

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DNC 1:2 MD (Medium Duty) fiber couplers are Single Mode coupler with an even split ratio from one input fiber to multiple output fibers. 1:2 MD couplers are available with 900um loose tube single mode fiber and terminated or unterminated as per customer needs. Un-connectorised 1:2 MD fiber couplers come with no connectors for easy splicing or connectorization. Connectorized 1:2 MD fiber couplers are available with your choice of Fiber Optic Connectors: LC, SC, FC, and ST. A fused fiber optic coupler is a structure formed by two fibers. The two fibers are placed side to side, twisted, put in a flame, heated up, and then drawn longer and become fused together. There is light power exchange between the fibers in the fused coupling region.


  • High quality design features a protective metal casing around the fibers
  • MD splitting mechanism divides input signal into equal parts across all output fibers
  • Available Connectors are pre-terminated
  • Connector End : PC / UPC / APC


  • Cable TV system
  • Fiber interferometers for optical coherence tomography
  • Within the resonator of a fiber laser
  • Fiber coupler can be used as the output coupler.
  • In fiber amplifiers and lasers.
  • In high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, multimode fiber couplers are often used for combining the radiation of several laser diodes and sending them into inner cladding of the active fiber